CMI INTERSER - The Human Face of Negotiation

At CMI Interser, we understand consulting as the task of offering process through models and tools, and to guard for such process in the management of problems, challenges and opportunities faced by our clients.

We firmly believe that the challenge of our work is being guardian of the process, keeping our clients from getting distracted or disoriented by the context or the matter at hand.

We help to prepare, conduct and evaluate negotiations, challenges, problems and opportunities. We execute such actions offering maps to guide the way.

We understand that our consulting services not only provide help to solve real problems, but also furnish the client with an experience, a model to apply in the approach of future challenges.

Facilitation of Complex
Negotiation Processes

Someone has to tend and guard the process. The secret is in the process.

We assist our clients applying methods and tools to convey the process of their negotiations. We help leading the negotiation process in search of efficient and productive results looking to preserve relationships in the long run.


We facilitate Negotiation processes in different environments: businesses, governments, communities, families, etc. The used techniques depend on the situation and of the challenges presented by each case, although our method stands on the Theory and Tools of the Harvard Negotiation Project. The materials and the methods are drawn according to the case.

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Planning, Diagnosis
and Evaluation of

It is important to offer assistance, but even more important to transfer knowledge and method.

We count with methods and tools to help our clients to prepare their negotiations, to diagnose those that are in course, and to measure the results once the process is concluded with a yes in agreement. Our intervention, before, during and after each negotiation, not only offers a systematic form of approaching each phase, it also constitutes a learning experience. In this way, our clients may incorporate and use, in the future, the mentioned models and tools independently. We assure that the professionals who hire us learn self-management in the use of the methodology.

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Humanware: prevention, diagnosis
and management of conflicts in
change processes of IT.

The problems are not from Hardware, nor from Software, the problems are from Humanware.
Is your business about to begin a project of change of high complexity?

Workshop of much use for those that are about to begin a project that involves different cultures and countries. These tools allow better management of conflicts and prevention of situations that may arise. Isabel Burbano, Pichincha Bank, Panamá.

Do you count with a project team skilled in conflict resolution?

We generated large experience to resolve conflicts that may arise during the implementation of the core and in our lives. During the days of consultation,we took hand of tools to confront or mitigate conflicts that may arise during the technological change that is imminent. Jorge Hernán Paz, FMM, Colombia.

Do you need new and potent tools that will help in the management of change processes?

The workshop offers a new tool based on experiences of positive negotiations. I understand that the method, once incorporated in a systematic manner, will allow me not only reach my own objectives and of the organization, but also improve the relationship between the people, departments, divisions of my organization, and with external parties of the said institution. Personally, it has proved great use. Ma. Rosario Alonso Brou.

When an organization decides to implement a technological change, clients and providers join in the complex and shocking project.

Behind a change of software, there are changes in processes, roles and responsibilities, and sometimes, the way to understand and manage the business.

A project is an effort for change, and change is a small synonym for conflict, in a personal or organizational level. If these conflicts are not effectively managed, the efficiency in change implementation diminishes or is completely halted.

The projects become a traumatic and wearing experience for the involved humans.

To achieve the measure of success of a project is to deliver the agreed product; inside the limits of time, resources and scope; inside the parameters of a good working relationship; depending on the attention and adequate management of the human factor involved in the process.

From rigorous investigation and from profound comprehension of the problem, CMI Interser created the HUMANWARE model, based on the Method of the Harvard Negotiation Project.

  • Create an efficient preventive measure oriented to adequately confront the change process in favor of the objectives of the project.
  • Bring awareness, integration and alignment to the affected people so the process may transit through collaboration and cooperation.
  • Generate suitable management of the human factor. Learning to manage the differences assertively will considerably diminish tensions and conflicts in the organizational level.
  • Motivate commitment of the significant and influent people, generate a positive disposition to the process, and an appropriate management of the expectations.
  • Identify critical aspects that can affect the performance of the project and promote the adoption of the tool by the users.
  • Situational diagnosis of the organization.
  • Workshop for high performance teams.
  • Meetings facilitation.
  • Generating Method / Learning from experience.
  • Work days to prepare for change.
  • Interview of the key people for the project.
  • Work procedure agreements for the team.
  • Creative problem solving.
  • Training for inside trainers.
  • Preparation of the team for the day to day reinsertion.

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