CMI INTERSER - The Human Face of Negotiation

End of 1970’s

Harvard Law School Professor, Roger Fisher, with an important group of colleagues, created the Harvard Negotiation Project, the method of “principled” negotiation, to investigate and develop theories and practices on negotiation and conflict resolution.


The theory and tools developed in the Harvard Negotiation Project began to be successfully applied in cases of great international impact, such as the “Camp David Accords” between Egypt and Israel, among many other international conflicts where resolution was facilitated by direct application of the techniques.


Publishing of the book “Getting to Yes”. Revised and updated in 1991, the original was written by founder and director of the project, Professor of Law Emeritus at Harvard University, deceased, Roger Fisher, with William Ury and Bruce Patton.

The ideas developed in the Harvard Negotiation Project and published in the book ran throughout the world. In addition to the tools, the method drew a process of negotiation that promoted a breakthrough, another way of understanding the processes of negotiation.


A group of founders of the Harvard Negotiation Project understood that the ideas and the tools would be equally useful if applied in the corporate area, in business and other organizations.

Therefore, in 1984, Roger Fisher and an important number of colleagues, founders of the Harvard Negotiation Project, created CMG and CMI. The institutions were dedicated to projects of different contexts and nature, in many different regions.


CMG was constituted as a non-profit organization with the purpose to facilitate complex processes of negotiation between governments, governments and social-political movements, and to support humanitarian projects. Its consultants have provided workshops and acted as facilitators and mediators in situations such as:

  • Negotiations between the Government of El Salvador and the Frente Farabundo Martí de Liberación Nacional guerrilla group;
  • Promotion of peace accords between the Greeks and the Turkish in Cyprus;
  • Collaboration in the process of reconciliation between the last white minority government of South Africa and the main leaders of the African National Congress;
  • Assistance in Colombia for the implementation of the program “Teaching Tolerance” in Antioquía, training facilitators in a region with the highest rates of homicide in the world;
  • Facilitation in negotiations of many of the new republics of the extinct Soviet Union.


CMI Inc. was created to provide consulting and training services to the business world, essentially focused on improving results of negotiation and mediation processes and developing productive and significant working relationships. Since its creation, CMI professionals have worked with companies and organizations such as: IBM; J.P. Morgan; AT&T; World Bank; Inter-American Development Bank; Bank of America; Citibank; Boston Public Schools; Eastman Kodak; Reebok; Sotheby’s International; and the Foreign Ministries of Germany, Colombia, Finland, Greece; among many others.


In the beginning of the 90’s, the Latin American Practice Group of CMI was created, integrating the experience of the professionals who worked on projects of CMG and CMI to help governments and international organizations to administer conflict and improve the capacity of businesses to manage their working relationships more productively and to obtain better results from their negotiations, specifically focusing in Latin American needs.


Professionals from CMG and CMI decide to concentrate work in interest areas. From this new structure, different organizations emerge and today keep developing work independently and, in many situations, in collaboration, associating for specific projects and generating synergy to respond to client’s need, always standing on the experience each expert.

From one interest area, CMI International Group was created to focus on the American Continent. CMIIG concentrated in consultancy and training on negotiation, mediation, conflict resolution and management of significant relationships.


Since 1996, we have continuously presented Negotiation Workshops at Harvard University. In Cambridge, the group of professors is formed by the directors of CMIIG and the professors and directors of the Harvard Negotiation Project: Bruce Patton (co-author of Getting to Yes), Howard Raiffa, Brian Mandell, Rachel Viscomi, Michael Watkins, Mark Gordon, Danny Ertel, Jeff Weiss, Stuart Kliman and Robert Ricigliano.


As a historical company, CMIIG did not stop evolving and sought to complement the theory and tools of the Harvard Negotiation Project with contributions of the new behavioral sciences and of modern psychology. New training modules were created aiming the improvement of skills to negotiate, to communicate productively and to relate with others in all contexts in an assertive manner.


Constant evolution makes CMI International Group turn into CMI Interser, a new brand name to better represent who we really are. And we are diverse and eclectic.

In consulting, our work comprises: facilitation of complex negotiation processes between governments; governments and social-political movements; management of relations between market organizations: businesses, unions, associations, stakeholders in a project, departments of a corporation; internal and/or external conflict mediation in businesses and organizations; prevention, diagnosis and resolution of frequent problems and related to management of the human factor in change processes, be it technological or industrial, or from corporate mergers and acquisitions.